Monday February 3rd till Sunday February 9th 2025

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About Bushi Ban Power Week

October 18th till October 22nd 2023

Every year BUSHI BAN International hosts a week full of high value events. Our Students,
parents, instructors and directors look forward to this most important and exciting week full of
seminars, training , staff education, annual award banquet, black belt and high dan promotions
and most of ALL CELEBRATIONS Ending with the most memorable and elegant dinner banquet.
The week kicks off with a special training session with the Founder and Grand Master of Our System.
Zulfi Ahmed.
10th Degree Black Belt and the chief Instructor of BUSHI BAN International.

GM Zulfi will kick off the week with a special Black Belts and Dan only Training class. Monday October 16th at 7pm at the BUSHI BAN International world headquarters located in Pasadena,Texas USA followed by special training for all our staff, instructors and directors which will be held on Thursday October 19th. This year we have two very special seminars by two world class master instructors and world champions. Troy Dorsey and Ricardo Liborio. The week also consists of a powerful Master Mind meeting and seminars for school owners and key staff members. Then, we will end the week with Black Belt and Dan testing belt promotion ceremony and our annual awards banquet. We hope that you can attend and be part of this amazing week of training, testing and celebration.


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